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Meaningful work starts with fixing email

Helping your team find the fulfillment that comes from doing their most meaningful work is good for business. And Front is here to help.

What does email have to do with that? Email is the universal way people communicate for work — and yet, it’s been largely ignored. Countless apps have tried to “kill email,” but they just create new problems. You’re receiving more email than ever before, coordinating with your team is a nightmare, and you’re constantly distracted. This is no environment for meaningful work.

So Front has gone upstream to build a platform that unifies all of your people, messages, and apps—starting with your email. By fixing email, Front untangles convoluted processes, miscommunication, and the crossed-signals that hamper most teamwork. With Front, groups of individuals become a productive team. And along the way, every person gets the opportunity to do their best, most meaningful work.

offices in San Francisco, Paris, and Phoenix
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offices in San Francisco, Paris, and Phoenix
Founded in Paris by Mathilde Collin (CEO) and Laurent Perrin (CTO)
Moved to San Francisco and launched from Y Combinator
Raised $10M Series A
Raised $66M Series B and opened office in Paris
Acquired calendar startup Meetingbird
Raised $59M Series C from future of work leaders
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And independent investors including
Jay SimonsPresident, Atlassian
Eric YuanFounder & CEO, Zoom
Frederic KerrestExecutive Vice Chairman, COO, & Co-founder, Okta
Ryan SmithCo-founder & CEO, Qualtrics
Jared SmithCo-founder, Qualtrics
Michael Canon-BrooksCo-founder & CEO, Atlassian