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Individual email inboxes

3 team inboxes included

(email only)

Assign and @mention

3 basic workflow rules


Go beyond email and customize your workflow


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Everything in Starter, and:

5 team inboxes included

(email, social, or chat only)

3rd party integrations

Unlimited basic rules


More inboxes and data to transform teamwork


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Everything in Plus, and:

10 team inboxes included

(all types including SMS

and WhatsApp)

Pro rules and integrations



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Everything in Pro, and:

100 team inboxes included

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Access Management add-on

Shifts add-on

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Team collaboration Starter Plus Pro Enterprise
Maximum number of users on plan 10 users Any team size Any team size Any team size
Team inboxes for communication channels
Assign conversations for accountability
@Mention teammates in internal comments
Organize messages with shared team tags
Automated workflow rules 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced rule triggers and actions
(Round-robin, SLA management, etc.)
Load balancing rules for faster responses
Automatic shift transition management Shifts add-on Shifts add-on
Canned response templates for your team 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Share message drafts to edit them together
Real-time collision detection for responses
Team contact manager with CSV import
Read receipts and follow up reminders
Mail merge sequences for email channels
Audit trail of team inbox activity
Invite light users to team conversations Light user add-on Light user add-on Light user add-on
Team inbox limits and types Starter Plus Pro Enterprise
Number of team inboxes included 3 5 10 100
Add more team inboxes to plan Team inboxes add-on Team inboxes add-on Team inboxes add-on Team inboxes add-on
Office 365 and Outlook distribution lists
Gmail and Google Groups
Facebook Page messages
Twitter and Twitter Direct Messages 1 handle included
Front Chat for website or in-app messaging
Remove branding from Front Chat widget
Drift, Intercom or Smooch chat
Web form (customizable contact form)
Twilio SMS text messaging
Twilio WhatsApp messaging
Google Play Store app reviews
Talkdesk call activity
Custom inbox channels with Front API
Individual productivity Starter Plus Pro Enterprise
Desktop app access
(Mac, Windows, and web)
Mobile app access
(iOS, Android)
Private inbox for individual email account
Assign and @mention teammates on emails
Organize emails with private tags and rules
Calendar integration
(Office 365 or Google Calendar)
Private contact manager with CSV import
Read receipts, reminders, and auto-replies
Private canned response templates
Snooze and schedule emails to send later
Private mail merge sequences
Private inbox analytics
Integrations & API Starter Plus Pro Enterprise
30+ integrations in Front in-app directory
(excluding CRMs and Zapier)
CRM integrations
(Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Base)
Zapier integration
API access, custom plugins, and webhooks
(Up to 100 requests per minute)
Increase limit on API requests per minute API limit add-on API limit add-on API limit add-on
Admin controls & insights Starter Plus Pro Enterprise
Manage users, settings, and permissions
Configure team settings, rules, and tags
Enable integrations and control API tokens
SPF/DKIM deliverability settings
Custom SMTP server settings
Two-factor authentication
In-app billing management
Customizable analytics reports
Set business hours for metrics reporting
Data exports
Shift management and scheduling Shifts add-on Shifts add-on
Reporting based on teammate shift hours Shifts add-on
SAML SSO Access Management Access Management Access Management
Auto Provisioning Access Management Access Management Access Management
Custom user permission roles Access Management Access Management Access Management
Separate users into multiple Teams Access Management Access Management Access Management
IP restrictions Access Management Access Management Access Management
Support & training Starter Plus Pro Enterprise
Email and in-app chat support
Help center guides and training webinars
Onboarding guidance for your team
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Customize your plan with add-ons

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Light users
A lower price license for users who don’t need access to team inboxes.
Light users can be added to Plus or Pro team plans.
Learn more
Can manage their individual email inbox and collaborate with teammates
Can be invited by a team user to comment or edit drafts in any conversation
Cannot access team inboxes, team analytics, or be included in team rules
per user
per month
Easy shift transition management for faster responses and a seamless customer experience.
Shifts can be added to Plus or Pro team plans.
Learn more
Schedule team shifts across multiple timezones and regions, or sync through the API
Automatically update routing workflows based on shifts, so messages aren't missed
Enhance analytics reporting precision with metrics based on teammate shift hours
Applies to full user licenses only (light users excluded)
per user
per month
Access Management
Enhanced admin controls and security settings for large organizations.
Access Management upgrade available for all plans.
Learn more
Manage multiple team workspaces in one account with unified billing
Create and assign custom user permission roles across multiple teams
Implement SAML SSO, IP restrictions, and more for increased IT control
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twitter Created with Sketch.
Handle tweets and DMs
directly from Front
$20 per handle/month
Additional team inboxes
Add 25 more to your team
inbox limit on any plan
$100 per month
Raise API limit
Increase your API rate limit
to power custom integrations
$200 per month
Frequently asked
More questions? Contact us
What is a Front user?

There are two types of users in Front: team users and light users. Both types can manage their individual email in Front, with assignments for accountability and @mentions for quick collaboration.

Team users can also access team inboxes to handle conversations together, use team tags and canned responses, and be included in team rules. Light users do not have access to these team inboxes or features. They can only manage their individual email or be invited to team conversations on a one-off basis.

When should I add someone as a team user or a light user?
If a user needs access to all conversations in a team inbox, they should be added as a team user — like an Account Manager handling messages in your help@ team inbox. If a user only needs to be looped into these conversations occasionally, they could be a light user — like an engineer who is @mentioned by the Account Manager to help solve bugs. You must have at least one team user on a Plus or Pro plan in order to add light users.
Does Front require a minimum number of licenses?
Front is designed for teams and works best when you have someone to collaborate with! All plans require a minimum of 2 licenses to make sure you get the most out of Front.
What is a team inbox?

Team inboxes contain the external communication channels you connect to Front. Team inboxes are handled by multiple users, like group email addresses (info@), SMS contact numbers, or your company’s Facebook page.

Every user can manage their individual email in Front. Individual inboxes are private for each user and do not count against your team inbox limit. We only cap the number of external communication channels you connect to Front to manage in team inboxes.

Why do you charge extra for Twitter?
Twitter charges a monthly fee to all partners for API access for each Twitter handle connected to their platform. The Twitter add-on covers this fee for any Twitter accounts you connect to Front.
What happens when I hit a feature limit?
If you exceed a maximum allowed on any plan, you can upgrade all of your team users to the next plan level. In some cases, you can purchase an add-on and stay on your current plan. For example, if you need more than 3 team inboxes on the Starter plan, you could purchase the team inboxes add-on to get 25 more.
What are my payment options?
With monthly billing, you must pre-pay for the next month by credit card. With annual billing, you can choose how to pay your invoice for the next year: by credit card, ACH, or wire transfer.
What currency can I pay in?
At this time, we can only receive payment in US Dollars ($).
How does adding and removing licenses work?
When you add a new user license, upgrade your team plan, or purchase an add-on, we immediately bill the pro-rated amount for your current cycle. When licenses or add-ons are downgraded or removed, we will apply a pro-rated credit on your next invoice. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for plan cancellations.