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The shared inbox for team email

Front makes managing team communications simple.

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email management software
email management software

Increase efficiency for your team

Front is the shared inbox that helps teams work together efficiently. With Front, you can easily manage all your business communications in team inboxes. Connect individual email accounts, group email addresses like contact@ or team@, social media channels, live chat messages, SMS text phone numbers, and more to manage them all in one easy-to-use platform.

An enterprise email client for all your team email, Front connects with Outlook Shared Mailboxes, Gmail accounts, Google Groups, and more. To keep all your important email in one place, you can manage your personal inbox in Front, too.

Stay on top of group email together

Front brings effortless team collaboration to email. Team members can work together by commenting and tagging each other directly on email threads — instead of forwarding emails, like in Gmail or Outlook.

  • Know the best person to answer a customer email? Assign it to the right team member to follow up, so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Need help writing a response or deciding next steps? Share a draft of a new email with a teammate to edit it together in real time.
  • Sharing status updates? Tag team members on email conversations to let them follow along or chime in.

When you're using group email accounts like Google Groups, every team member gets a copy of the same email. It's impossible to know if anyone has replied — or if you've sent duplicate replies. Front's shared inboxes increase transparency and accountability for your team, so managing group email together is simple. When one team member replies, you can all see it, and when a new email needs a response, anyone can jump in and help out. With Front, important emails never slip through the cracks.

Respond faster to customer emails

When you have no context on a customer's situation or history with your company, it's tough to give personal replies. Front fixes that. With all your messages in Front, you can access every previous conversation with a customer — across email, live chat messages, and more. Whether you're jumping in on a customer support email for the first time, or continuing a long conversation with a VIP customer, Front gives you context to reply personally and thoroughly.

Trying to wrangle an overflowing inbox can easily drain all your time during the workday. Front automates your tedious tasks and repetitive busywork, so you can work more efficiently. That way you spend less time managing email, and more time on work that matters, like building customer relationships.

Customer emails, SMS texts, live chat messages and more, live in one place, so you can work faster and never have to click back and forth between apps. Automations route every email to the right team member instantly, so client emails never sit around waiting for responses. With Front, support teams are proven to improve response times, replying up to 7x faster to every customer email.

Access information to power your business forward

Front gives you unique insights into your team collaboration and email habits, so you can make better business decisions.

  • Measure individual and team performance, so you can evenly distribute workload and decide when to increase headcount on your team.
  • Track which customers you communicate with most and when, so you can provide the best service.
  • Get insight into the topics that come up most often, so you can answer questions and anticipate customer needs.

Front also brings in important information from the other tools you depend on. That way you never have to leave your inbox to reference or edit data. Connect all your favorite apps to your shared inbox with integrations to Salesforce, JIRA, GitHub, Asana, HubSpot, Slack, and 50+ other software tools.

Front has changed the way we work together, helping us save hours and increasing every team member's productivity.

email management software
Kevin Meert
Head of Sales and Corporate Relations, Privateaser